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About PTL Group

PTL Group is a design agency with strong foundation and experience in corporate design, promotional collaterals design and publications design.  With our expertise in design and printing, we aim to provide our clients with an integrated one-stop service station that caters to their every design and production requirements to see each project from start to finish. 

Our services includes Logo Design, Name Card & Stationeries Design, Annual Reports, Corporate Brochures, Magazines, Newsletters, Direct Mailers, Postcards, Calendars, Catalogues, Promotional Flyers, Outdoor and Indoor Posters, Pull Up Banners, Magazine Ad, Newspaper Ad, Photography and website Design.

PTL Group is also the organisers for two business awards; the BEI Asia Awards & Asia Enterprise BRAND Awards (AEBA).

The Awards Winners’ Circle (AWC) is an extension of the BEI Asia Awards & AEBA Awards programme to promote extensive networking amongst business leaders to;

  • Fostering Networking Opportunities
  • Exchanging of Business Ideas
  • Creating New Business Avenues

Through the AWC, we aim to nurture enterprises towards achieving greater success by supporting them in their branding efforts and motivating them to expand their businesses regionally. 

The AWC is a effective and impactful platform for industry leaders to share fresh insights and explore new business avenues, contributing to long-term and meaningful partnership while achieving business sustainability.

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Branding for Business Awards

Are you there to make a difference or to recognise a specific trait in an industry? PTL Group possesses the skills set and know-how to brand and conceptualise business awards of any scope and scale. We not only provide our clients with the framework, but also assist them from the internal branding of the awards to the external branding of the awards.

As event and award organisers ourselves, we are consultants who have the first-hand knowledge as to how to create a demand through specific marketing techqiues that will value-add to the target group and potential clients. Coupled with experience in the media and public relations, we are able to advise marketing strategies that will garner your product an accelerated acceptance within your target market.

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What Drives Us?

YOU are what drives us. At PTL Group, you have our entire focus when it comes to encapsulating your brand to a another level. Take us as one of you, and let us do the thinking for you. We  take pride in providing quality service and dedication to your needs.

Problem solving is our forte and we take it seriously. Effective branding goes beyond just your brand image – it must be able to communicate your brand persona, products and services efficiently to your consumers.